General Parking Regulations

General parking regulations

  • Driving and parking motor vehicles on university property should take place only in areas designated for those purposes. All parking locations will be indicated by stall lines or bumper blocks, as well as signage.
  • A vehicle is deemed parked when the vehicle is stationary, whether occupied or not.
  • All curbs, yellow or otherwise, are considered to be No Parking zones, marked as such by signage and stall lines. Any vehicle parked at curbs may be ticketed and towed if left unattended in these areas.
  • Use of certain lots may be temporarily restricted to facilitate special events, construction, maintenance, or other unusual circumstances.
  • Motorcycles must follow the same rules as cars.
  • Parking zone designations may be revised as parking needs change.
  • Signage is posted in lots with time restrictions.
  • Camping, living, or otherwise using one’s vehicle as a residence is not permitted on campus.

Parking-space rules

  • All areas not designated for parking by signage are considered “No Parking” zones.
  • Backing into angled parking spaces is not permitted.
  • A license plate must be facing the drive lane in all campus parking spaces.
  • Vehicles must be parked between the lines of an established parking space. If present, bumper blocks in gravel lots designate parking spaces.
  • Double parking is never allowed.
  • Parallel parking on the wrong side of the street is never allowed.
  • Parking on the landscape by any vehicle is never allowed.
  • Parking in driveways is prohibited. A driveway is defined as any area of roadway—including areas within a parking lot—not specifically marked for parking, loading, or as a fire lane.
  • Yellow curbs, fire drives, and loading zones are not parking spaces. Vehicles left unattended in these areas may be ticketed and towed.
  • Spaces designated as Service Vehicle (SV) have a two-hour parking limit for all SV and Vendor (VN) permits. All marked university vehicles have unlimited parking rights in these zones.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging space use is only valid while actively charging within the 4 hour time limit provided.