Campus Housing Parking


Forest, Mason, Read, Spruce, and Willkie


Campus View and Tulip Tree Apartments


Ashton, Eigenmann, Teter, and Union Street Center


Briscoe, Foster, McNutt, Walnut Grove Center


Wells Quad

The Process

Any student who holds an active housing contract may request consideration for issuance of a CH permit by placing themselves on the campus housing permit waitlist. Students who do not have an active housing contract are not considered eligible for CH parking.

CH permits are awarded based on student housing priority dates as well as space availability and the residential zones. The waitlist opens in March, and assignments will be made beginning in early August until all permits available are purchased. The offer of a permit is not based upon when a student joins the waitlist.

CH Permits are issued at the cap of the amount of parking in a given zone to ensure that each permit holder will always have a place to park at all times. Campus housing zones are not oversold.

Not all students who join the waitlist will be offered a CH permit. If an offer for a permit has not been received, a ST permit can be purchased. ST permits will provide parking in the stadium purple lot at gates 9 and 10 off Dunn Street and the 45/46 Bypass. Parking in this lot will not require an ST permit between the spring and fall semesters, until September 1.

ST permits may be returned for a refund, pro-rated according to return date. The CH will provide all parking equivalents as the ST or Evening permit and so neither ST or Evening permits are needed when a student has a CH permit.

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