Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessible Parking

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible parking

You must display a Disabled (D) permit to use these spaces, and a state issued plate or permit is required. ADA accessible parking is located under the 'Accessibility' category at this map.

Location Maximum Time Limit
Ashton/Teter Residence Halls4 hours
Briscoe Residence Hall4 hours
Campus View Apts.4 hours
Cyberinfrastructure Building2 Hours
Eigenmann Residence Hall4 hours
Forest Residence Hall4 hours
Foster Residence Hall4 hours
Jacobs School of Music4 hours
Law Lot4 hours
McNutt Residence Hall4 hours
Location Maximum Time Limit
Merrill Hall4 hours
Owen Hall4 hours
President's Lot4 hours
Hepburn Apts.4 hours
School of Education4 hours
School of Optometry4 hours
Von Lee Lot4 hours
Wells Library45 Minutes
Willkie Residence Hall4 hours
Wright Quadrangle4 hours
Wylie Hall4 hours