Daily Visitor

Visitors who plan to park on campus must either park in a pay facility or metered parking, or buy a daily Visitor permit.

There are different types of Visitor permits depending on where you want to park. You may purchase a Visitor permit that allows you to park in certain zones on campus.

One-day Visitor permits expire at midnight on the date written on the permit. Changing the date on a Visitor permit renders the permit fraudulent and will result in a citation and towing.

Visitor permits are only available to purchase if you are visiting campus and are not directly affiliated with IU. (Spouses, partners, and children of IU faculty, staff, and students are not eligible for a Visitor permit.)

How do I purchase a Visitor permit?

Visitor permits may be purchased in person at the Parking Operations office (EM-P, EM-S, CH, ST, or Disabled permits), or at other locations on campus where permits are sold. The IMU Biddle Hotel sells EM-P permits.

To purchase a permit, you will need to provide your name, address, phone number, and vehicle make, model, and license plate information. Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted. For current pricing, contact Parking Operations.

Visitor permits are not available for online purchase.

Where can I park with a Visitor permit?

You may purchase a Visitor permit that allows you to park in one of the following zones on campus: EM-P, EM-S, CH, ST, or Disabled.

See a map of campus parking locations

Where can disabled visitors park?

Visitors who are disabled have a few parking options, including purchasing an IU Disabled permit, or parking in a garage or a disabled-only metered spot.

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