Campus Delivery Guidelines

Campus delivery guidelines

Deliveries must comply with Indiana University Parking Regulations. Parking at curbs, in drives, or in fire lanes is not permitted. Zoned parking spaces require display of a valid parking permit corresponding to that zone. Access to the inner campus is restricted to authorized deliveries for IU campus business and departmental functions.

Delivery vehicles and drivers

  • Vehicles should be clearly marked with identifying information, or identifying information should be visibly posted inside the vehicle, indicating the company name and contact information.
  • Delivery drivers operating on campus may be required to show a receipt, bill of sale, or other company provided documentation indicating an active delivery is in progress.

Deliveries to individuals and meal delivery services

  • Deliveries should be picked up from the delivery driver at the delivery vehicle.
  • Attended delivery vehicles may stage/stand in drives to meet customers.
  • Delivery vehicles may not occupy parking spaces without a valid parking permit or paying meters.
  • Drivers are subject to comply with requests to move as needed, including for emergency situations.

On-site deliveries: vendors / contractors / events

  • Vehicles stopping curbside for delivery or loading must remain attended
  • Vendor and contractor deliveries at loading docks must be coordinated with the building manager
  • Extended parking for on-site delivery and/or associated services requires use of pay parking facilities or parking in a valid parking space with a valid parking permit
  • Deliveries restricting access to buildings and parking facilities, or deliveries affecting traffic flow in parking lots and drives, require authorization, and arrangements must be made with IU Parking Enforcement/Operations by an IU representative
  • Deliveries and services requiring the closure of parking spaces should be requested through IU Parking Operations in advance, allowing a minimum of 72 hours of notice to be posted for space closures for any approved requests