Multi-year Permits

Multi-year parking permits

Available to full-time employees with access to payroll deduction, these permits will renew annually through 2024. If the permit holder has any outstanding parking citations, the permit will not renew until the citations are paid or dismissed by appeal.

Employees who are eligible for the multi-year permit will see two EM-S and two EM-P options available to them in the IU Parking Portal. One option will be for an annual permit and the other for the new multi-year permit. If the incorrect permit is ordered, the employee may exchange it at the parking operations office in the Henderson garage.

A new Hoosier Commuter Club multi-year permit is available.

Things to know about the multi-year permit

  • It is available as EM-S and EM-P permits.
  • It will only be available to payroll eligible full-time employees.
  • It can only be paid for through payroll deduction.
  • Unless there is an outstanding citation, it will automatically renew each year.
  • Permits issued this year will expire in 2024.
  • There is no price break associated with a multi-year permit. It will renew at the current EM-S or EM-P rate each year.
  • It may be exchanged for an annual permit at the parking operations office in the Henderson Garage.
  • It will be a different color than the annual permit.
  • If the multi-year permit breaks, it will be replaced at no charge to the employee.
  • Employees who have a multi-year permit will need to take care to see that their vehicle information is current with parking operations.
  • Like all permits, if a multi-year permit is lost or stolen, please report the situation to parking operations as soon as possible.