Replacing Permits

Replacing broken, missing, or stolen permits

If your permit wears out, you lose it, or it is stolen,* you will need to visit the Parking Operations office to complete a form for a replacement permit.

By signing the form, you assume responsibility for the old permit and guarantee that it will not be used by anyone parking on campus.

Your original permit number will be placed on a lost or stolen permit list. If it is found displayed on a vehicle on campus, parking enforcement will issue an unauthorized permit citation and may tow the vehicle displaying the permit.

The replacement fee for most lost or stolen permits is $25. Vendor and construction permits will be charged the full permit price for a replacement. Contact Parking Operations for the current rate.

*To report a permit stolen, you will first need to file a police report with the appropriate police agency where the theft occurred. A case number will be required on the Parking Operations replacement form.

Replace a lost or stolen permit

If you find a permit

All permits are the property of Indiana University. If you find a valid permit, please return it to the Parking Operations office as soon as possible.