Permits for disabled individuals

IU Bloomington faculty, staff, or students who demonstrate a need for disabled parking may purchase a Disabled permit that allows access to disabled parking on campus.

If you already have a Disabled permit, you may be able to renew it online. If you are buying a Disabled permit for the first time, or you do not have the option to renew online, you will need to follow the instructions.

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Who is eligible to purchase a Disabled permit?

Parking Operations defines a disabled individual as a person with (either temporarily or permanently):

  • An obvious physical disability that requires the use of a wheelchair, braces, walkers, or crutches
  • Permanent loss of the use of one or both legs
  • Severely restricted mobility (as determined and certified by a physician due to a pulmonary or cardiovascular disability, arthritis with complications, or an orthopedic or neurological impairment)

Conditions that are not considered disabilities by Parking Operations

Example of conditions that do not normally require special parking privileges include:

  • Normal pregnancy
  • Anemia
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Menstrual difficulties
  • Allergies
  • Migraine headaches
  • Diabetes (without other complications)
  • Foot problems (e.g., plantar warts, calluses, bunions)
  • Hepatitis
  • Mononucleosis (unless directed by a physician)
  • Arthritis (without complications)

Note: These examples are only intended as guidelines. Consideration will be given based on individual circumstances. To determine whether you are eligible for a Disabled permit, please contact Parking Operations.

How much does a Disabled permit cost?

The price of a Disabled permit is the same as the price of the "parent" permit. For example, a Disabled-EM-P permit is the same price as a regular EM-P permit and allows you to park in any disabled space and anywhere an EM-P permit allows you to park. Please see Permit Rates for current pricing.

What do I need to purchase a Disabled (D) permit?

To obtain a "D" permit, employees and students must provide documentation of their State issued ADA eligibility prior to purchase. Please bring one of the following to our office:

  • For license plates: A copy of the vehicle registration of receipt for registration, indicating it to be in the name of the requesting individual (if two names are listed on the registration, the Indiana BMV lists the individual with ADA needs first)
  • For state issued placards: A copy of the placard accompanied with the BMV receipt indicating the name of the requesting individual.

Receipts for state issued placards may be obtained from the BMV at the time of purchase. If you do not have your receipt, you may obtain a duplicate by filing a request with the State of Indiana.

Please note: The Indiana BMV may charge a fee for documentation requests.

Short-term "D" permits are available. A three (3) day temporary "D" permit may be issued before visiting a physician. If you already have purchased a valid permit, this temporary permit will be issued at no charge. If you do not otherwise have a valid permit, the current daily permit rate will be assessed.

Upon written documentation from and signed by a physician (unrelated to the applicant) stating the following, a temporary "D" permit may be issued for no more that 60 days from the date of the physician documentation:

  • nature of the disability requiring ADA parking
  • projected duration of the disability

All requests for more than 60 days require a state placard to be issued by the BMV.

Students and employees are also encouraged to visit the Disability Services for Students and ADA@IU respectively to learn more about additional services IU Bloomington has to offer.

What if I no longer need a Disabled permit?

If you no longer need a Disabled permit, you are required to return it to Parking Operations.

What if my Disabled permit is lost or stolen?

If your Disabled permit is lost or stolen, you will need to complete a form for a replacement permit.

By signing the form, you assume responsibility for the old permit and guarantee that it will not be used by anyone parking on the Bloomington campus. The replacement fee for a lost or stolen permit is $25.00.

Your permit number will then be placed on a lost/stolen permit list. If the lost/stolen permit is found displayed on a vehicle on campus, Parking Enforcement will issue an unauthorized permit citation and may tow the vehicle.