Garage Permit Reverse Auction

Garage Permit Reverse Auction: Closed

We’ll be auctioning 30 permits, valid for fall semester, at both the Henderson Garage and the Poplars Garage. These permits will be valid from the date of purchase through January 16, 2022.

Note, this is a reverse auction. The buyers determine the final price. All permits for each garage will be sold to everyone who submits a bid for that garage at the price of the lowest bid submitted.

So, if 20 people submit a bid for $700, and 9 people submit a bid for $550, and one person submits a bid for $475, everyone who bid will pay $475 for their garage permit.

Successful bidders will receive a confirmation email of their bid, as well as notification email of the final price, once the auction closes.

Follow our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter @IUTransport for updates about bidding periods and the closing of an auction.

Auction Schedule

Bid prices will change at 12:01 a.m. on the dates below.

DateBid Price
August 8$700
August 10$625
August 12$550
August 14$425
August 16$400
August 18$325

How to Submit a Bid

To submit a bid, email from your IU email account with your name, university ID number, and preference of garage, to If you are not affiliated with IU, please include at phone number where you can be contacted.

Auction Rules

  1. Everyone - students, faculty, staff, and non-IU affiliated individuals - is eligible to submit a bid.
  2. You may only place a bid for one garage – (please indicate a preference if you are interested in either garage).
  3. The auction will close when the thirtieth bid for a garage is received or on August 20 at 12:01 p.m., whichever comes first.
  4. Only one permit per person is available. Multiple orders for groups are not accepted.
  5. Permits may be returned before the expiration date. Refunds will be pro-rated. Returned permits cannot be resold or transferred to another person.
  6. All bids are final. If you submit a winning bid, you are required to purchase the permit at the winning price. Do not place a bid for an amount greater than you can afford.