Student Permits

How do I buy a Campus Housing permit?

If you are a student with a valid housing contract with Residential Programs and Services, you can put your name on the waiting list to purchase a Campus Housing (CH) parking permit for the academic year.

CH parking lots are zoned according to their location, and permits (including City Zone 5 permits) are sold in each zone by seniority based on your housing priority date. There is no waiting list for zones two and three—permits for these zones may be purchased directly from Parking Operations.

CH zone enforcement begins annually on the first day of classes. All purchased CH permits should be picked up at the parking office.

You will be notified by email when you are eligible to purchase a CH permit. Parking permits are not transferable.

The CH parking zones are:

  • Zone One (CH1) - Forest, Read, Spruce Hall, Willkie, Mason Hall
  • Zone Two (CH2) - 3rd & Union, University East Apartments
  • Zone Three (CH3) - BBHN, Campus View, Evermann/Redbud Hill, Tulip Tree
  • Zone Four (CH4) - The Avenue, Park on Morton
  • Zone Five (CH5) - Ashton, Eigenmann, Teter, Union Street Center, Wright
  • Zone Six (CH6) - Briscoe, Foster, McNutt
  • Zone Seven (CH7) - Collins: Hillcrest
  • City Zone 5 - Collins: Cravens, Edmondson, Smith

Temporary and replacement permits for residence halls and apartments are available from Parking Operations.

Add your name to the waiting list

To add your name to the waiting list, visit the Residence Hall Parking page on One.IU.

For more information about Campus Housing permits, contact:

Office of Parking Operations
Phone: 812-855-9848
Fax: 812-855-3949

Guest parking at residence halls

If you live in a residence hall or in an on-campus apartment and have a guest who needs to park, you may purchase a visitor parking permit at the Parking Operations office.

 In addition, metered parking is available at the residence halls and apartments for short-term visitors.

What are my payment options?

Both undergraduates and graduate students may pay for a permit with a credit card, cash, or check.

Additionally, charges over $5.00 may be billed to your bursar account. You are responsible for monitoring your bursar account to ensure the parking permit is being billed to the account properly.