Disabled Permits

Permits for disabled individuals

IU Bloomington faculty, staff, or students who demonstrate a need for disabled parking may purchase a Disabled permit that allows access to disabled parking on campus.

If you already have a Disabled permit, you may be able to renew it online. If you are buying a Disabled permit for the first time, or you do not have the option to renew online, you will need to follow the instructions.

What do I need to purchase a Disabled permit?

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may either follow the "fast track" process or the full process in order to obtain a Disabled permit.

Fast track process

If you already have a state-issued disabled plate or hang tag, or an Indiana-issued Disabled Hoosier Veteran plate, then you simply need to follow these instructions to receive a Disabled permit from IU. If you do not have any of these items, then you need to follow instructions for the full process below, which involves providing medical documentation.

  • Already have a disabled plate? You simply need to bring a copy of your car registration to the Parking Operations office. The registration must be in the name of the person requesting the permit (if two names are listed on the registration, the Indiana BMV lists the disabled person's name first).
  • Already have a disabled placard or hang tag? If you have a state-issued disabled placard or hang tag, you need to bring a copy of the receipt indicating that the tag has been issued in your name to the Parking Operations office.

Full process

If you do not already have a state-issued disabled plate, placard, or hang tag, then you will need to follow the steps below to receive a Disabled permit.

Obtain a letter signed by a licensed physician (who is unrelated to the applicant) stating the following:

  • nature of the disability
  • projected duration of the disability
  • the need for special parking privileges

Bring the letter from your physician to the Parking Operations office. Parking Operations will then issue you a temporary permit (valid for one month) while your request for a permanent Disabled permit is being authorized.

Fill out an Application for Special Parking Access form, available in the Parking Operations office. By signing this form, you are giving an IU physician permission to request your medical history/record from your physician.

You will need to provide the following information on the application:

  • name, address, and phone number
  • IU University ID number (IU students and employees)
  • your physician's name, address, and phone/fax numbers
  • date of surgery (if applicable)

Once Parking Operations' contracted physician receives your application and letter from your physician, the contracted physician will confirm your eligibility in writing with your physician. Your physician must then provide the requested information and return it to the Parking Operations contracted physician immediately.

Parking Operations will not extend the expiration date of your temporary permit until the contracted physician has received a response from your physician.

You will be notified by mail when Parking Operations determines that you are eligible for a Disabled permit.

To buy the permit, please bring your vehicle registration and a copy of the eligibility letter to the Parking Operations office.

We accept cash, credit card, or checks. Students may pay using their bursar account.