Carpool Permits

Permits for carpools

IU offers a carpool program for employees interested in commuting to work with others.

Carpool permits are not available to purchase online.

Who is eligible for a Carpool permit?

To participate in the carpool program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Each carpool must have at least two members, and each member must register with IU Parking Operations.
  • Each member of the carpool must be a full-time IU Bloomington employee (appointed graduate students and temporary employees are not eligible).
  • Members must be eligible to purchase an EM-P or EM-S parking permit.
  • Members must present a valid driver's license and proof of vehicle registration.

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How do I join the program?

To register a two-person carpool and receive a Carpool permit, please visit the Parking Operations office in person. If you are interested in a three-person carpool, please call Parking Operations to make an appointment. Each member of the carpool must register by showing a valid driver's license and vehicle registration. One Carpool or EMP-type permit will be issued per carpool (determined by the number of members), and each member (except the EM-P permit-holding member of a two-person carpool) will also receive an evening permit.

For help finding carpool partners, visit the IU Bloomington Zimride website.