Parking permits at IU Bloomington

If you plan to park on the IU Bloomington campus, you must register your vehicle, motorcycle, or bike and display a valid parking permit. Permit eligibility requirements and fees vary, depending on your IU affiliation.

Sharing parking permits is not allowed. If you give, lend, or sell your permit to someone, they are not authorized to use it and you may receive a ticket and/or be towed.

Compare different permit options

Visit the Permit Options page to see what permits are available for you to purchase. Your options are based on your affiliation with IU.

Explore your permit options

How to display a permit

You'll need to follow a few simple guidelines for displaying your permit in order to avoid citations and/or towing.

Displaying permits on automobiles

Permits may only be displayed on vehicles registered with Parking Operations. Your permit must be clearly displayed at all times while you are parked on campus.

Hang tag permits

Hang tag permits should hang from the rearview mirror, with the letter and/or graphics showing through the front windshield and below the tinted portion of the windshield.

A clear, plastic pocket is available free of charge for displaying your permit. The pocket may be placed anywhere on the driver's side of the windshield where it is visible and does not block the driver's vision.

Sticker permits

Sticker permits—including temporary permits—should be placed in the center of your front windshield, behind your rearview mirror. The permit must be below the tinted portion of your windshield and out of your line of sight.

Remove the backing and attach the permit to your windshield (do not use tape).

Service permits

Display the Service permit by hanging it over the interior rearview mirror so the permit faces out and can be read through the windshield. Vehicles must also display either an EM-P, EM-S, CH, or ST permit.