Parking Regulations and Policies

Bike impoundment

Your bike could be impounded if:

  • It is parked in an area not designated for bikes.
  • It is a hazard or nuisance. If your bike is parked in a way that creates a safety hazard, damages property, or prevents use of or access to any university facility, it could be impounded.
  • It appears abandoned or derelict*: 

1.) Unregistered bikes left undisturbed in racks for seven days or more may be considered abandoned. In this situation, Parking Operations will post an impound notice on the bike for seven days before impounding the bike.

2.) Registered bikes left undisturbed in racks for one calendar month may be considered abandoned and Parking Operations will attempt to notify the registered owner.

Impounded bikes not claimed by an owner will eventually be disposed of ninety (90) days from the date of impound at the discretion of Parking Enforcement.

*Any bike in such a state of disrepair as to be incapable of being operated in its present condition.

How do I reclaim an impounded bike?

If your bike has been impounded, follow these steps to reclaim it:

  1. Contact Parking Enforcement. Call the Parking Enforcement office at 812-855-9849 to verify that your bike has been impounded. You will need to provide your name, University ID number, a description of your bike, and the date you noticed your bike was missing.
  2. Reclaim your bike. Impounded bikes are released twice a day Monday through Friday—at noon and 5 p.m. To claim your bike, you must provide a photo ID and the key or combination to your bike lock.
  3. Pay a fine. You will be issued a $20 fine when your bike is released to you. If your bike is unregistered, you will also be assessed a mandatory $10 registration fee.

Note: It is lawful for IU to remove locking devices in order to impound a bike. IU is not responsible for damage to locking devices and/or bikes that require removal.