Emergency Ride

We've got your back

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is a program that offers qualifying IU employees and commuters free rides home in the event of a personal emergency.

Emergency Ride Home is available when:

  • You or an immediate family member gets sick, or has a severe emergency
  • Your carpool driver has to unexpectedly leave work early or stay late
  • You must work unscheduled hours
  • Your carpool vehicle experiences mechanical problems

To qualify for an Emergency Ride Home, you must:

  • Be an IU employee enrolled in the Hoosier Commuter Club, the IU Carpool or the IU Vanpool program; or
  • Have shared a ride to work on the day the ride is needed

How does it work?

In the case of an emergency, employees may utilize a ride hailing service (e.g. Uber, Lyft, etc.) or taxi service to get home as outlined above. The ERH service is available three times per semester (up to six times per academic year). The program is available anytime as long as you are at work within your scheduled working hours. Transportation Demand Management will reimburse the taxi or ridehail fare for the first 50 miles of your trip home, with some exceptions approved on a case-by-case basis. If you need to make a stop on the way home, that's okay. You are permitted one side trip during your drive home, such as to fill a prescription or pick up a child from school.

However, there are certain restrictions:

  • You may share the ride with another passenger. If the other passenger is also eligible for the ERH program, they must complete a separate reimbursement request. If the other passenger is not eligible for the ERH program, they must pay their own fare.
  • You must pay for the driver's tip, if you choose to leave one, (customarily 10–15%) If you have questions about the ERH program, email commute@indiana.edu.

If you have questions about the ERH program, email commute@indiana.edu or call the Office of Parking Enforcement at 812-855-9849.

How do I apply for ERH reimbursment?

Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days of your emergency ride home, and you must provide a receipt.

Complete the ERH reimbursment form