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Walking at IU Bloomington

IU Bloomington is a beautiful, pedestrian-friendly campus, enticing many visitors, students, and employees to enjoy the scenery on foot. What's more, commuting to and around campus by foot is a healthy, reliable, and free form of transportation. We hope you enjoy your next walk through campus. Read below for more information on walking in Bloomington.

Estimated Walking Times (averaging 3 mph)

North side of campus Time
Briscoe Quad to Business School  9 min.
McNutt (Central) to SRSC 10 min.
Wells Library to IMU 10 min.
Briscoe Quad to Wells Library 12 min.
Evermann Apts. to Wells Library14 min.
East side of campus
Teter Quad to Wells Library  4 min.
Wright Quad to Psychology building  6 min.
Willkie Quad to MAC  9 min.
Eigenmann to Wells Library 10 min.
Willkie Quad to IMU 15 min.
South side of campus
Jordan Ave. garage to Education building  3 min.
Forrest Quad to Merrill Hall  5 min.
Atwater garage to School of Music  5 min.
Atwater garage to Ballantine Hall  6 min.
Read Hall to IMU 11 min.
West side of campus
Henderson garage to Law School 3 min.
Poplars garage to Franklin Hall 4 min.
Sample Gates to Chemistry building 7 min.
Optometry School to IMU 9 min.
Poplars garage to Ballantine Hall11 min.

Use the Interactive Campus Map to find these and other locations on the IU Bloomington campus. Also, be sure to try out the Gmaps Pedometer application to discover the distance of a route not displayed here.

Inclement Weather

Campus Bus and the Bloomington Transit buses offer an option for walkers during inclement weather and to run errands off campus.

IU Safety Escort

IU Safety Escort is a free service available to all IU students and staff as an alternative to walking alone at night. To request an escort, call (812) 855-SAFE. For more information, visit: https://safety.indiana.edu/

Emergency Call Boxes

The IU Bloomington campus has many specially marked outdoor pay phones and emergency call boxes. In addition, all residence halls have phones at their main entrances that can be used for emergency calls.

By pressing a button on the emergency call boxes, you are immediately put in direct contact with the IU Police Department.